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Gift Giving Ideas

Don't just consider what you like to give...
think about what they would like to's their gift!

Do ask what they really want - don't assume anything!  Don't give up until you get an answer or snoop around enough to know what they like.  Do listen out for hints, and don't believe them if they say they don't want anything. There's a great gift for even the hard to please and you'll discover it if you put forth the effort.

Do know that there is a perfect match for everyone and what one person considers a purposeful present is another person's dust collector. Make a match!

Don't give up until you know what they need or collect or love to receive!

Do keep in mind that gifts should be something that makes someone feel adored and treasured and cared's not the amount you spend but the 
time you spend searching for the gift.

Do remember that your presence is the best gift of all...add your feelings, thoughts, tell someone how much they mean to you and transform your gift into a treasured memory

Do take the time to present your present creatively. If you are giving a piece of jewelry, hang it on a stuffed bear, wrap it up in style and add a card that says you can't bear to be without them! Go to great lengths to surprise your gift recipient with a very special delivery!

To make sure your present is a good match, do consider offering the gift's receipt in a sealed envelope to your gift recipient.
Write 'Just In Case' on the envelope and tell them to use it in case it's the wrong color or size! They'll think you thought of everything!